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What To Do When Your Brand On Instagram Is Attacking Fakes?

By April 29, 2019 No Comments

Instagram is the world of bots and fakes. I wonder how many of them there are as a percentage of the entire mass of users of the network, but it seems to me that the numbers are approaching 10-20% of the total asset, and this is … a lot. 

SMMs, and this we, are faced with bots on an ongoing basis and have developed an ideal immunity for them. And users are not. Therefore, with enviable regularity, stories appear when cunning black SMMs create crowds of fake profiles that mimic the official pages of brands that are ready to give a lot for a subscription to an account and a repost of his post. 

Familiar? Here I am. In 2017, Zara stores and all their friends came to Belarus before that, we all rode together in Vilnius and the cunning comrades hurried to take advantage of the excitement around the discovery, and he was serious.

The profiles “Zara_minsk”, “zara_official” was created and all in the same spirit, which in honor of the opening were ready to give to everyone who signed up $ 5-10-15 for purchases. Thousands signed up. This is not a new type of “divorce”, it is at least 2-3 years old. Only here brands, with a few exceptions, almost do not pay attention to fakes, only occasionally mentioning deception in their official profiles that the situation does not alleviate. 

And all this translates into embittered “ordinary users” who fulfilled the conditions of the competition in fake profiles and went happily to the stores of the brand for their gifts. And there they have not waited, they did not hear about the action and did not want to give anything. Negative, here it is.

What to do when your brand is attacking fakes on Instagram?

1. Notify your subscribers with fake activity via Stories/post in the feed

2. We complain about the brand account through the Instagram application

3. We compile a list of accounts posing as an official profile. This is not difficult, the brand name will appear in @username

4. Find a scan of trademark registration documents.

5. Fill out the form

“I found (-la) content that I believe violates my trademark rights” and then follow the instructions.

6. If there are no documents at hand, you can always complain about the plagiarism of photos from your profile, usually, it is from there that the content is taken.

It took us less than two days to block all 80 fake accounts.

For the prompt resolution of the situation, I want to thank my colleague Andrei Bogach, who promptly took the situation under control and did not let the infection spread 🙂

Why create fake profiles of major brands?

The most important question of an adequate person: why and who needs all this? It is clear that the image of such things is extremely difficult to spoil, but what else? 

But in fact, everything is prosaic. The next round of fake activity, which this time affected mobile operators in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, was triggered by one well-known “mother of an entrepreneur” who published another profitable earnings scheme with zero investments. 

I will not give you a link, all of a sudden you yourself will want to organize something like this. The essence is simple: we create dozens/hundreds of fakes of famous brands, you can even manually. Copy some of their content, make a header, format:

The first 10,000 followers will get new sneakers! Subscribe and tell about us in Stories with an active link!

Next, subscribe to this profile for a couple of hundred living users, the rest they will do for you. The virus spreads, you get thousands of subscribers, after which you delete all information from your profile and sell it on the exchange.

Happiness and joy in the world bring such clever. The scheme is the simplest, so wait for tens and hundreds of copies of brands on Instagram that promise gifts to each subscriber. And prepare an action plan to remove such garbage in advance. And they also occupy useful branded usernames, which is very sad.

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