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Use The New Instagram Quiz Sticker

By June 20, 2019 No Comments

This is not new, Stories are increasingly used by brands to generate engagement with their community. Instagram has understood and regularly offers new features for our greatest pleasure!

In April 2019, appeared the sticker Quiz … As the name suggests, it allows you to submit a multiple choice question to your audience. When one of your followers clicks on a proposal, they are immediately informed of the correction. On your side, you get the details of the results for each participant.

How to use the sticker Quiz?

Like any sticker, you will first have to go to your story space (click on the small camera at the top left of your home page).

Upload or take a photo or video.

Then click on the square icon at the top right of your screen to access the stickers menu. Here it is just down on the left!

Write your question and then indicate the 2 to 4 answers maximum. You will be asked to specify the correct answer at this time as well.

Attention, you will be limited in the number of characters to write your question!

Finally, you can customize the color of the box by flashing on the little color wheel just above:

All you have to do is publish your Story and wait for the first results.

To see them, go on your story with your quiz and click at the bottom left on the “Vue par …” option. You will be given the number of votes per answer and, if you click on a response, the profile of the respondents.

Application example

The gamification potential of this simple feature is very interesting for brands.

It’s up to you to imagine the best way to make your subscribers react, but the easiest way may be to start by testing them on your range/product/service …

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