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Tips For Managing Instagram Effectively

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The social network of photographs and videos has managed to earn its place, becoming one of the most used networks. If you catch new ones, do not worry, these tips to manage Instagram effectively will get the insured result.

LinkedIn, Twitter or Google + are already outnumbered by Instagram, which shares the top with Facebook and YouTube.

With more than 500 million active users, it is postulated as the social network that generates more engagement, making it more than a useful tool to build loyalty among your clients.



And it is that 71% of the big brands already use Instagram. It has become a platform more than necessary to teach the world the products of your online store or even your work.

For these reasons, we believe that it is more than necessary to know these tips to manage Instagram effectively and not die in the attempt.

Apps to manage Instagram

Believe it or not, it is very useful to have some of these tools. They help us to organize our account much better and above all, to have control of our followers and publications.


Iconosquare is a complete application to manage your Instagram account. You can check your web version or download the app from your smartphone.

It is perfect to know how many people you follow, that is, they return the following.

Knowing which are your most popular publications, the most used hashtags, the most appropriate filter or even find the most appropriate influencers for your business are other features offered.



The leading application for managing social networks also allows for some time to manage Instagram profiles.

As with the management of Facebook or Twitter, thanks to this application you can program a message for the day and time you want.

To post on Instagram through Hootsuite it is necessary to enter the phone number where you have installed the app.

Once you program content from the computer when the time comes for its publication you will receive a notification on the mobile phone and you must give permission to publish.


Tips and recommendations



Once you know what tools can help you manage your Instagram account, you need to know certain tips if you decide to dedicate yourself fully to it.

1 # Activate the company profile

Since a while, Instagram offers us the possibility of differentiating our profile between user and company.

Having activated the company profile will offer you a series of advantages, among others, the following:

  • You can add a button to contact them directly.
  • you will have access to statistics, which you could not consult if you have a user profile.
  • add an address to find your location more easily or even link your Facebook profile data.
  • Promote the publications that obtain more performance after its publication.

In short, you will have a more professional profile and your followers can access your products or services more easily.


2 # Interact with your followers

One of the basic rules of Instagram is not to be afraid to give your followers’ posts occasional hits.

Be grateful to them and answer when a user comments on your publications. It’s the way to earn your trust!


3 # Make use of the entire Instagram universe

Instagram has a great variety of extra features that can help you squeeze your account to the maximum.

With Instagram Stories you can post temporary photos or videos, which are deleted after 24 hours.

With Layout, you can make collages or with Boomerang, make fun videos that are displayed forwards and backward.


These are some of our tips for managing Instagram effectively.

With them you will be more productive and, above all, you will take full advantage of the features offered by one of the most important social networks of the moment.

We hope that this post about tips to manage Instagram effectively is of your use!

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