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Text In A Visual Network? Tips On How To Write For Instagram

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Instagram has positioned itself as an impressive social network focused on visual content. However, text content is also important to complement the images and videos. Do you really know how to write for Instagram? It might seem like an easy task to do, but making the text attractive on a visual platform is a challenge. Do not despair, this has a solution! We give you advice so you can learn how to put together good photo captions for your visual content on Instagram.


The texts on Instagram

They say that a good image does not need to integrate texts, and this may be true to a certain extent. Not for nothing has the saying “an image is worth a thousand words” has become popular. But, this premise does not apply to social networks, where the use of words is essential to deliver a specific message.

In this case, it is not only about visual art but also about communication. So the letters have begun to take a fundamental role in brands that want to achieve a good level of visibility, positioning and reach in social networks.


Are important?

It is somewhat ambiguous to believe that content in the text could have relevance in a social network where the content that is consumed is purely visual. However, there is a perfect link between the two, which gives the text appeal and distinction.

The text is a complement to the image or the video, whose objective is to expand the message to be transmitted. A good caption explains the visual content, invites users to interact, which will make your content more attractive and more shared.

That’s why it’s important to take a moment to learn how to write for Instagram. Always, taking into account 2 points in particular. On the one hand, the logic of the essence of Instagram, a social network based on easy-to-consume content. On the other hand, the algorithm of Instagram, which rewards those brands that are able to retain the user in their posts. How? Making them read accurate and relevant content.

Write for Instagram, tips for writing a good text

write for instagram

The best way to bring the visual content to life is through the caption of the publication. Lean on these basic tips on how to write for Instagram:


Engage with the image or video

We are clear that Instagram is a visual tool, so the main thing is that you hook the attention of your potential users with the image or the video. After you have your interest, then invite them to read more information at the foot of the publication.


Start with the most important

To learn to write on Instagram you must take into account a fundamental principle: Do not bore the reader! You have to take advantage of the first lines to comment on the most relevant aspects of the publication, no detours. Instagram allows you to write up to 300 words. It is more than enough!

Many brands fall into the big mistake of spreading and, in the end, they do not say anything concrete. Forget that the algorithm of Instagram gives more relevance to the number of words than to the usefulness of the content. Be brief and precise from the start!


Adapt the brand language to the tone of Instagram

Keep in mind that each social platform has its own tone in terms of language refers. For example, content with technical terms and a more serious approach is ideal for Linkedin, a social network for professionals. But it would not get the same positive impact on Instagram, a youthful, fun and relaxed social network.

The tone of Instagram seeks to show the most human, authentic and friendly side of brands. For formalities is your corporate blog or your official website, in this social network appeals for a more cheerful language, make jokes, jokes, interact with your target audience, upload spontaneous photos and complements with casual content.


Add a call to action (CTA)

Yes, writing for Instagram implies stimulating the user’s action, always in a genuine way without showing the commercial side. How? Including in the text a call to action, however minimal it may seem, adds good points.

You can, for example, invite the user to “like” the content if he likes it, or share it in his stories so that his friends know the information. You can also ask questions so that they respond in comments, direct traffic to the link in your biography, invite to participate in a contest, etc.

To request the action, do it in a subtle and enjoyable way. Maybe with phrases like:

  • “If you liked the content, press twice the screen.”
  • “Label a friend who has shared this story with you.”
  • “If you wanted to see more, enter the link of our biography.”
  • “Tell us in the comments what is your daily routine”.


Limit the use of hashtags

The power that hashtags have on social networks is undeniable, but when writing for Instagram you must be very careful. Although the platform allows you to integrate up to 30 hashtags per publication, it is not necessary that you use them all. If you use about 5 that are really potential, it will be more than enough.


Use emojis

Of course, good writing has to be fun, that’s why the integration of emojis has become so popular in Instagram content. It is a more dynamic way to explain the content in the text.

In addition, this will allow you to give a more personal touch to the communications you have with your users, making it part of the personality of your brand. But, take a look through the profile of Starbucks, the emojis are key in their captions.

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Learning to write for Instagram is very important to cause a sensation with each of your content in the text. What did you think of this post? Put these tips into practice and tell us about the reaction of your target audience!

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