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Successfully Harmonize The Content Of His Instagram Account

By June 5, 2019 No Comments

Unlike other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram put (almost) everything on the visual. It is therefore important to ensure the visual consistency of your publishing thread. This is not an easy task. In fact, you need to juggle an intense publication rhythm, ideally once a day, and a coherent and visually impacting editorial line. Here are some tips and tools to find you.


Define an editorial line upstream

To ensure a consistent set, take some time to think about your account strategy.

  • What are your goals? Is it about presenting your different products in a certain universe? To re-direct your subscribers to your site? To create moodboards related to your brand?
  • What target do you target?
  • What types of content do you want to publish? Photos, illustrations, quotes, videos …? Are you able to create these different contents yourself or will you need to curation?

Do not scatter from the start. Concentrate on what you know and love doing. Test the formula you have chosen for some time before making adjustments based on the first returns.

Practical exercise: Instagram works by line of 3 publications. Generally, on mobile, the user will be able to visualize between 9 to 12 publications of your wire at the same time before scroller below. So be sure to create “blocks” of publication that live together in a consistent way.


Tell a story

To captivate your subscribers and make them want to follow you, your account must be able to keep them in suspense. Each new publication is an opportunity to introduce them to the story of your brand, your products or your team.

In addition to incorporating storytelling, this allows you to build a content strategy that will help you find inspiration.

Practical exercise: What are the different topics you want to discuss/introduce to your community this year? Once defined, cut them into sub-headings and indicate opposite the contents that you could develop to speak about it.


Choose a graphic charter

Often neglected, the overall appearance of your account is essential. When a user discovers your account for the first time, they will only have a few seconds to decide if they want to subscribe or not. And for that, the first thing he will see is your profile showing your latest publications.

neat and consistent feed will always attract more attention and will make your future subscribers want to discover you a little more.

Some tips for that:

  • Define a color palette that you can emphasize. Rather black and white or in color? Do you have in your graphic chart one or two colors that you could use to reinforce your identity? Ditto for the fonts that you will use on your visuals, try to limit them to two or three or to make them a minimum granted.
  • If you want to vary the types of content, try to keep the same publication rate for everyone. This will prevent you from publishing three subsequent publications containing only text for example.
  • If you want to integrate your logo on your publications, create a basic template to position it always in the same place from one publication to another.


Preview your publishing feed 

Once these elements are defined, however, there are preview tools to help you organize all that.  

Our favorite application is VSCO, which allows you to preview and edit your photos before they are published. 

But there are other applications that offer you different possibilities: 

  • Planoly: this application is available on mobile obviously but also from your computer, which can be very practical! The tool also allows you to manage your hashtags, schedule your publications and divide your visuals directly from the application.
  • Preview App: Another very popular application that offers you the opportunity to make basic touch ups. 
  • Unum: load all your photos and change their location very easy to test different layouts.

All you have to do is try them to find the one that suits you! Feel free to share your Instagram accounts for us to discover your new feed … 

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