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Social Media: Tips To Guide Your Brand To The Right Social Networks

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Considering Social Media in a digital strategy remains essential to increase the reach and positioning of a brand. However, keep in mind that new social platforms are constantly emerging. The idea is not to mark the presence in all, but in those where the target audience of our company is. Do you know how to define which social networks are right for your brand? In this note, we provide you with suitable advice that will help you discover it.

Social Media: Keys to know what are the potential social networks for your brand


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The more efforts directed to the correct social network, the more favorable the results you will get for your brand. So do not forget to implement the following tips:

Define your target audience

Have you really defined who your potential users are? Each company has its target audience, with specifications, needs, tastes, and particular requirements. Therefore, before you start looking for the correct social media platform you must define your target audience to carry out the rest of the points. 

That is, you may have a women’s clothing store. But what else do you have from your target audience? Although we already know that they are women, you must define it even more to design more concrete strategies.

For example, young women with an age between 20 – 35 years of age, professionals, with tastes for sports, whose websites of visits are eCommerce of clothing, accessories, and footwear, enter the internet through their smartphone – computer and his favorite platforms are Facebook and Instagram. 

This is a very clear example of the buyer persona profile that you must create to know how to reach your target audience and through what social platforms to do it.

Know the profile of each social network

It is a mistake to believe that all social media networks are for the same target audience. Each of them has its own particularities, rules of interaction and of course, objective audience. 

For example, Snapchat is a social platform geared towards young audiences and LinkedIn focuses on a more professional audience. On the other hand, Facebook admits a more familiar profile and Twitter is more ideal to share news of entertainment, sports or of any kind. And Instagram is a good field to promote products to women. And likewise, it happens with YouTube, Pinterest or any other social network. 

Therefore, once you have your target audience at hand, compare it with the social networks to define what your potential users are.

Determine what types of content you will share

Disseminating merely commercial content is no longer an option. Today’s users are little tolerant of invasive advertising, remember that you will be in a “social” interaction space, not exclusively commercial. Therefore, you must adapt to the rules of the platform. 

There are contents that may have more scope in some social media websites than in others. So, take the time to define what content you want to share, ie tutorials, videos, curious notes, infographics, tips, or any other format. Go pointing all the ideas and then organize them as a priority.

For example, retaking the example of the women’s clothing store, surely your potential users will want to see real photos of people wearing the clothes, you can also share tips on how to combine some clothes and, finally, advice on the latest trends in fashion. 

All this you can do better by Instagram if this is your case since the majority of registered users are women.

Inquire about the social behavior of your competition

Not to copy them, but to take them as a source of inspiration and optimization. If you take a look at the social platforms that your direct competition frequents, there you will find your target audience. 

Therefore, you can get an idea of ​​what social networks are best for your business. Of course, remember that you will only take it as a source of inspiration. It is not about matching the contents and profile of your competition. In fact, it is a good way to take a look at your mistakes and optimize your strategies.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers

Finally, perhaps this point is the most complex. But it is just as necessary as the previous ones to know which social media network is the one for your business. Just imagine for a few minutes that you are one of your potential buyers. In which social platform would you like to see your publications? Which platform is the one you can’t stop checking for a day? Answer these questions and you can better direct your decision

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Social media is a world full of alternatives, choosing the most ideal will make a difference in your brand.

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