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Social listening: what is it, why it is important and how to put it in place?

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Social listening or social listening is the process of collecting data via social networks. That is to say, looking for all the mentions of your company, your competition, all the important topics for your company.

On social networks, people spend a lot of time talking, interacting with others. In her conversations, they complain, comment on their problems, tell what they like, what they do not like … In all these messages, they make comments about brands. Comments on which brands can respond. Social Listening is, in fact, the communication between a social community and a brand.


After collecting all this information via social listening, we must analyze it. The analysis is what makes these data useful and relevant to your social strategy or to referencing your own brand. This method has many advantages for your company because you can have contacts with new customers, offer a different shopping experience and even manage your brand’s online reputation on social networks.


After understanding social listening the question of the difference between social listening and monitoring social networks is needed.

Social listening vs monitoring of social networks:

✅ The time we are in Surveillance is the collection of past data to determine how to market a strategy or past actions. Social listening is about knowing what people are saying about your business and using that information to decide what to do in the future.

✅ The use of data and information collected Social monitoring data is analyzed to compare campaigns on social networks. Social listening information is used to redefine branding or general strategy.


If you have not yet implemented a social listening strategy, you have not yet been able to see the amount of data on the web. Information you can process and analyze to benefit your brand.

With this process, you can find out what your customers and prospects are saying. Therefore, you can meet their needs, clean up your reputation and even find new lines of business.

If you do not yet see what social listening can serve you, read these few advantages and I am sure you will be convinced of the usefulness of social listening for your brand:

Identify successes and failures

You can see posts on your social networks and see what your followers think. In this way, you will know what has pleased or not: it will give you some balls to review your strategy. Indeed, this information will allow you to determine what was successful or what was a failure.

By knowing what worked well in a strategy, you can reuse it in future campaigns. Conversely, it does not reproduce the campaigns that did not work.

Discover the weak points of your sector of activity

You can spot market niches in your sector that are not exploited by the competition and expand your business. You will also see things that do not work in your company and put a brake on it so that it does not get worse.

Find information about your customers

Social networks give a lot of information about people: social listening allows you to know what your customers share on these channels of communication. That way you’ll learn what they think about their profile, what tools they use, what do they need … Collecting data is very important for the development of your company and for taking future actions.

Acquire new customers

Very often, people ask for recommendations on social networks: by actively listening to what is said, you can advise them a product or service that your company offers. By responding quickly to this type of message, you can win new customers.

Manage your reputation online

On social networks, you can know when your brand has been mentioned and whether these mentions are good or bad. You can even go further: if you see a conversation about something negative, you can even turn things around and make something positive. Some companies comment with humor on these kinds of conversations and manage to change and improve their brand image.

Seeking collaborations with influencers

Word of mouth is a good marketing strategy. This is because people have more confidence in what other people say than in the message of an advertisement.

Research which influencers are talking about your company, which mention your brand or your competition. Once found, analyze their profiles: maybe in the future you can work together.

The most practical and easy is to use social listening tools that will save you time and get all the information you want.

✅ Set up words related to your business or your business

With listening tools monitors the keywords related to your company:

  • Name of your company or products
  • Name of your competition or competing products
  • Hashtags of your company
  • Words related to your products or your sector of activity

Tips for setting up your social listening

Takes into account that people often write on social networks quickly and without checking what they write. Remember to also watch for words with spelling mistakes or abbreviations.

✅ Select on which social networks to socialize

We use more and more social networks and if we set up social listening in all social networks, we would be drowning in information. And we will find ourselves lost to manage this mass of information … at least initially. To choose the social network to follow, it is necessary to search which is the network most used by your customers or by your potential customers. In general, the most used social networks are Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

✅ Learn from your competition

By monitoring what your competition is doing, you will learn a lot about your market. In addition, you will be able to know new strategies and even know what your clients or customers of your competition think.

✅ Respond to customers who are talking about you

Seeing comments on your brand, it would be nice to answer. In this way, you will establish a direct link with them which will improve your image on the market and on social networks.

✅ Look for keywords related to your business

Search for keywords or hashtags associated with your content, business or products/industry. These settings will let you know what people think, what they are talking about, and what your customers like and do not like. You will get some very important and useful information.

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