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New Instagram Stories Tips, Tricks & Hacks 2019

By December 22, 2018 No Comments

Everyone wants to learn the tricks on how to use Instagram stories like a pro. We are going to give you the pointers and tips to hack the Instagram stories.

1. Quick Replies

Now we have a quick reply feature on Instagram. So if someone sent you a reply or quick responses to your story this gets saved in the messenger section. You could quickly respond to them from your direct message in the app.

Clicking on one emoji automatically populates the text section, you can choose from the options and send whichever you like by clicking that plus sign. As said earlier, there is a quick response feature where you can type the quick response and send. There is also a shortcut feature available, in which the quick responses can be saved using numbers.

In future, if you just type six you’ll see the icon lighting up, auto-populating the screen or what you already had in the quick reply and then you can just send it off. This is a really cool, new feature and it can be used for a whole host of different things from brands to your followers.

2. The Blue Tick

Did you know you can actually request to be verified and get the mysterious blue tick? If you go into your settings section at the bottom, scroll down a bit until you see request verification. Then you could simply fill in your details they ask for such as, your name, profession and also what category you fall under.

After that, a form of identification needs to be uploaded so literally, ID documents and you hit send button. Once you submit your documents Instagram will go through if you are eligible for the blue tick and or not.

3. Clickable Post

Make posts clickable in stories, you just have to go to the brand new post that went up, all you need to do is scroll down and click on that airplane icon. You’ll see at the top, it says to add the post to your story then clicking on it you can check it automatically goes up to your stories.

On tapping on the screen it’ll change the look and if you tap again it’ll switch to the previous one. Further customization will change the background color, add text, make it smaller, etc. But then once you post it to your stories and the audience comes along and sees this if they click on the image it’ll actually take them directly to the post. Hence, you can do this with your own posts or you can do it with other accounts.

4. Name Tag

This next feature that takes Instagram to a higher degree simply is so epic. Name tags basically are an easy way for people to follow you and you follow them. Into the settings section, you click on name tag Instagram has made a specific name tag for your account.

If your friend wants to follow you, you open up a name tag and they open up their name tag then simply scan your tag, and you can also choose to customize your tag. There’s a Selfie option if you tap on the screen which will change the filters. But if you tap at the top under selfie it’ll change to this option, once again if you tap the screen you’ll get different color options.

Again, if you want to change the emoji you just tap on the screen and you can choose whatever emoji you want to. Then share your name tag as well by just clicking on the share button this can be shared via email, WhatsApp, pretty much any social media platform. Next time you’re with your friends or someone new, you just whip out your phone with your name tag on it then scan the name tag and they will instantly be following you.

5. Gif’s

We all know that gifs are available on Instagram stories but if you get the gif the app you can download this separately in the App Store or the Play Store. It’s a really fun way to just add a little extra spice to your Instagram stories. If you go into the GifHub you can click under the search section and type in something of gifts to choose from.

And if you click on those three dots on the top of the screen, if you click on that it will either get the feed option or the stories option. So you click up stories and it will copy this gif to your stories you could choose them to make it smaller and customize it further.

6. Customize Questions

Customizing questions another question, that is when you post a question about how do you change the color of it. And it’s super simple something you may know this. But if not you simply hit on that top icon you select questions, followed by typing in your question. Then there are all the different colors to choose from, and it’ll change the question sticker to that color.

7. Close Friends

This is really quite a cool feature if you want to pose something personal like I’m going skydiving with my friends. I just popped up the skydiving post but don’t want to post this to everyone.

Just want to post it to my close friends? All you can do is click on that icon that says, close friends again you can add family members in here or specific employees. It only goes or the story is only shown to the people that are within that group they also get sent a notification telling them that they’ve been put in this specific group.

8. Story Split

Did you know that you no longer have to split up your stories yourself Instagram automatically does it? For example, if a video is longer than 15 seconds Instagram has already spliced it, it goes in two sections obviously 15-second bits and you’re no longer you need to use a second party app. It also happens when you’re recording live.

9. Video Call

You can do video calls within Instagram messenger all you do is, go to the DM section you click on whichever individual you’d like to video call. And then if you click on video icon button it’ll start video calling them within Instagram. And this is not really specific to Instagram stories.

10. Multi-Post & Canva

Multi-post & Canva, it’s super nifty and it’s basically pre-organizing your stories before you post them. If you click on the picture icon at the top and you want to re-organize them, click on that like paper looking icon in the top right-hand corner.

It’ll actually number them and this is choosing the order in which you would like to post these pictures. Once you’ve selected all the pictures you’d like to post in the batch you click Next. You can then go through each of them and customize them to change the colors, do whatever you want until you are completely happy.

Then the second app that’s an app called Canva. It’s basically an app where you can design anything for stories they’ve even got preset templates you can change the background colors you can add images.

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