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Make Money With Instagram – Requirements, Sources Of Income And Tips

By May 15, 2019 No Comments

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks with over 1 billion users. That’s why it’s exciting to learn how to earn money with Instagram.

But this requires a few important prerequisites that your own Instagram account must meet.

In addition, there are sources of income that make the money with Instagram a little different than on other platforms.

Make money with Instagram

Instagram lives mainly from photos that are shared on the mobile platform. But even short videos are getting more and more popular there.

I know many who actively use Instagram and both publish their own photos, as well as photos of others and like. I myself am mainly active for my new hobby blog on Instagram.

It is a very interactive social network, which has a high engagement rate and therefore generates a lot of emotions. This is of course very interesting for companies who want to bring their products to the man or the woman.

But unfortunately, it is not so easy to earn money on Instagram.

Important requirements

There are some important requirements that your own Instagram account or one should meet so that you can even earn money with Instagram.


As with most other sources of revenue, it takes some reach to make any money on Instagram. In very special niches you do not need so many followers, but it should be four digits. More popular topics often require five-digit subscriptions *. The German service Ranksider * has a minimum number of 1,000 subscribers to use on Instagram and earn money with it.

By contrast, the US service already has 5,000 followers.

This means that you first have to make sure that you get a greater reach before you can think of making money. It takes a lot of activity and patience.

Appropriate topic

Furthermore, not every Instagram account is suitable for making money. Ideally, you occasionally showcase products or show photos with products in use. Furthermore, followers should be willing to spend a good deal of money and, of course, trust themselves. And the subject of their own account should make it possible to regularly publish photos and videos. It also helps when there are special occasions, such as events or events.

But you can say badly in advance, with what you can earn money and with what not. For this, you have to individually with each Instagram account to explore what is possible and what is not.

Active and interactive

Another special feature on Instagram is the personal address. This is very important and therefore are mainly hobby topics, but also other areas that bring passion, fun and the like. By contrast, it will be difficult to score with tax issues here. However, you should also be aware that it can have disadvantages if you spend too much of your private life on Instagram. That is not everyone.

In addition, one must also be very active on Instagram and publish something several times a day, so that the number of subscribers grows noticeably.


A good smartphone camera is also highly recommended because even if the photos should be above all authentic, good photo quality is much better. That should be for the vast majority but certainly not a problem. The modern smartphones now bring with them really good cameras.


Last but not least the indication that even when making money with Instagram a business registration is required. You should not take that lightly. The tax office understands no fun if revenue is not taxed correctly.

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