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Learning To Sell Through Instagram: Practical Recommendations

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An interesting fact: many people are able to sell in the global web, but there are only a few that can use social platforms for this purpose.

Every businessman understands that social platforms confidently and quickly become a place of active sales and promotion of brands. So why not everyone enjoys such a smart and affordable opportunity to expand and promote their business? Today we will share the secrets of online promotion and useful tips on how to effectively sell on Instagram. You will learn what is most demanded in this social network, how to promote your brand and make up selling ads.

To begin, consider what products and services are most in demand on Instagram. Ready? Then let’s go.

What is profitable to sell?

Instagram is a unique platform for promoting brands and services. There are various courses and workshops, original hand-made things, entertainment programs and much more. It should be noted that different product categories require a different approach when preparing for an advertising campaign. For example, in some cases, you need a beautiful picture, and in others – a properly written sentence describing the service.

According to statistics, the most purchased goods and services in the Institute are as follows:

  • cosmetics, especially from natural ingredients;
  • stylish and inexpensive wardrobe items (many are happy to buy fashion items at reasonable prices via the Internet and social networks)
  • all that is done by hand, or “handmade”;
  • original and elegant accessories;
  • offers from shopping centers;
  • showrooms services;
  • cafes with restaurants are also popular;
  • recently, food delivery services have been actively promoted;
  • and, of course, various services of cosmetologists and dentists.

Note that these are only the most appetizing positions that the statistics speak about. In fact, you can successfully unwind any goods and services on Instagram. The main thing is to do it wisely.

What other alternatives are there for promoting on Instagram:

  • Do not be discouraged if you do not have products that can be held in your hands. In Instagram, you can offer quality services at an adequate cost. This is a great opportunity to realize yourself as an expert in style, business, translation, tutoring, etc. To find out about you, you need to tell your subscribers what you do, what you can do and how you can be useful. Then people will know who to contact if necessary. Believe me, it is easier for a person to write to a friend on the net than to search for ads on the Internet. This is where the element of trust, reliability, and consistency works.
  • It is necessary to understand the main thing – the space of Instagram is open for any undertakings. If you have something to offer and something to surprise and intrigue the public, do it. For example, if you are a cool photographer, use photo purchasing services. Offer your services online, develop, expand your target audience.
  • Demand is also the service of writing essays, examine, ions and dissertations. In this case, it is also easier for students to choose from potentially familiar performers who will not be lost or fill up the order.
  • Interestingly, on social sites, you can successfully sell not only new products. Demand and used goods. You can create a store and get real profit on anything. Even household chemicals are sold. And this is a fact.

The list is far from final. It can be continued and expanded for a long time. But the essence is clear. Turn on the imagination, find your own original niche that will interest potential buyers and go ahead to win.

The main rules for successful sales on Instagram: short and to the point

Now let’s talk about how to act in order to achieve a high level of sales in the network.

1. The image that will attract customers

The peculiarity of Instagram sales is that the pictures here are the main content. The video is a step behind and is not particularly popular among users of the system. However, when choosing images, some rules should be followed:

  • The photo must be unique and original.
  • Visualize your products and services in the best possible way, and orders will not keep you waiting. Consider how best to deliver the goods. For example, if you are selling exclusive handmade hand-made soap, then create an original wrapper or box for it.
  • Do not hesitate to detail. The nuances are more important than ever.
  • Add fresh emotion and sensuality. Boring posts will not attract anyone.

2. Set priorities

We distribute finances as follows: less for marketing, more for sales.

3. The healthy lifestyle is in fashion

To promote “healthy” brands. How? For example, remove harmful components from products and tell your potential and current customers about this. This is a promising and modern direction, which is in great demand.


4. Design and promote entire collections of goods

For example, if you do handmade chocolates, then develop sweet sets for various holidays and occasions (wedding, anniversary, International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and others). If your business is cosmetic services, then offer different complexes and combinations: for one and several girlfriends, for couples in love. You can come up with interesting combinations: cleaning the face + neckline massage as a gift or eyelash extension + eyebrow decoration for free.

5. Gain experience with competitors

There you can learn a lot of useful information.

There are many variations on the topic, but this does not mean that you will succeed immediately and you will begin to receive a huge number of orders. The main thing to start, and then by trial and error will strive for perfection.

Practical recommendations: we sell effectively through Instagram

  1. Immediately, we note that we will have to be patient. Return and profit immediately will not. At least, practice shows this. Only after a few months will massive orders.
  2. Do not forget about the first rule of sales on Instagram – offers that attract the eye to enjoy the success.
  3. Another interesting point. Social sites are unique in their viral properties or. In fact, this is “ word of mouth ”. What is this about? For example, your publication liked someone famous and popular. This person takes and recommends your product to his numerous subscribers. This is a guarantee of future success.
  4. Pay attention to the text to the advertisement. The correct description is also the key to successful brand promotion. By the way, which is typical for Instagram, the system often shows the most commented posts in the feed. It should be noted that in the instance, publications are shown not in the order of placement. There exists its own display algorithm.
  5. Communication is everything. Meet new people, keep in touch, exchange opinions. Do everything that people write, ask questions and comment on your publications. Dialogue is a step to success. At the initial stage, you can independently comment on advertising posts from different accounts, creating the appearance of activity and interest.
  6. When you promote a blog for commercial purposes, do not post personal photos. Promoting a brand? Then position yourself accordingly. Publish informative and colorful information about the company and the services and products provided. And also do not forget to place a link to a mobile landing page, created specifically for visitors from Instagram for each of your campaigns or product. If you do not already have it, choose a ready-made template and personalize it for yourself using the LPgenerator platform.
  7. When placing images, use filters for photos. Popular in the Institute are warm filters that create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience. Before you post a postmark themed # hashtags. You can also immediately come up with and add to each publication your own exclusive hashtag, which will recognize your brand. For example, if you are selling things, you can use #fashiondresskiev or #crazywomanfashion tags. Experts recommend adding no more than 10 hashtags to one post and only on the topic. Choose the most popular. For example, # I love fashion, # women’s clothing Ukraine, etc. How to choose hashtags, you can read in this guide for marketers .
  8. Check in the settings that the account is open. Otherwise, nobody will see your publications.
  9. Constantly expand your target audience, add subscribers.
  10. Do not save on advertising. On how to run it correctly in the insta, also read in the Ecwid thematic blog about promotion in social networks (link at the end of the article).
  11. Take care that your customers can pay for goods and services in different ways. For this, you need to open various online wallets. Because of the inconvenience with payment, people often refuse to buy.
  12. Do not overdo it with the number of publications. Nobody likes spam. Post posts on schedule and not too often. For example, one or two publications per day.
  13. Publish content at the hottest time. Details about the choice of timing in different social networks.
  14. And the last practical advice for today – do not forget to create a shortage effect. In the posts, add the phrase “hurry, the action ends tomorrow,” “the quantity of goods is limited,” etc.


From all this we can conclude: in order to successfully promote products and services through Instagram, you must have the desire and idea. If there are any, then go ahead implement your ideas.

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