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Keys To An Effective Marketing Strategy With Influencers

By March 27, 2019 No Comments

Forbes magazine predicted it a while ago, and that is the time of the influencers, in which they are the kings of digital marketing. This time, we show you the necessary keys to carry out an effective marketing strategy with influencers. Fact that abaló in 2013, Nielsen and ComScore, when through a study ruled that the campaigns made with influencers are much more profitable and effective than those who do not use them. But what or who is an influencer? The influencer is what we have known for a long time as an influential person in a certain sector, celebrities, celebrities.

There are many brands that have already made use of famous prescribers in their advertising. The role of these personalities has been changing just as the ways of communicating and marketing strategies have changed. It is no longer enough to be the image of a certain brand, but it is also necessary to feel it as your own, to know how to transmit the values of the brand to consumers. And is that, who has not ever bought a pair of shoes because our sportsman or favorite singer wore them? This is the power of the influencers.

The main causes of this change of strategies lie in the advertising saturation that we live daily in the different media at our disposal. It is a high priority that brands find a new way to reach us, to avoid saturation and generate engagement. The influencers are in charge of it. Not only do they bring a familiar face to the brand, but also a series of values that as advertisers, we must take into account to realize an effective marketing strategy with influencers.

1 # Closeness and familiarity.

It is vitally important that the influencer chosen to carry out our strategy be close and familiar with his followers. It will help the message to be internalized more easily.

2 # Not everything is worth it

Just as brands are positioned with respect to certain values, the influencer must share some value with the brand. This will generate greater impact.

Sharing some values will make the message much more effective than if there were no relationship.


3 # Tell stories.

Generating conversation and dialogue with the audience is the main thing that the influencer must do.

A story that touches the sensitivity of users, is the most effective way to make the strategy work. Generate engagement is necessary for this.


4 # Make your strategy a loving relationship.

Just as we spoil our partners daily, we help keep love alive for longer, with this type of strategy we must act in the same way.

We must maintain a close relationship with our influencers, as they are the current face of our brand. And these in turn, with our public. If you do, it will be a powerful ally when it comes to connecting with your target audience.


5 # A bit of space, for both.

Never, under any circumstances, should we make the influencer our brand and vice versa.

We must separate the personalities and values of each one very well. We can not expect them to do all the work for us. If we do not maintain this separation, and the positioning of the influencer changes, it will drag that of your brand, which could lead to a great communication crisis. In conclusion to these 5 keys to carry out an effective marketing strategy with influencers, we can only add that more than a strategy is a way to help position your brand through relationships.

The relationship must be changing, dynamic, and able to adapt to the needs that are generated during its implementation. Taking care of it and pampering the relationship with the influencer in the right way will surely make us successful and achieve our goals.

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