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Instagram Tools: 7 Apps For More Success On Instagram

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More than 800 million Instagram accounts are active worldwide per month.  Around 80 percent of these accounts follow at least one company, according to the internal database of the image network. Instagram presents this and other information about the user activities as well as impressive success stories on its homepage in order to convince interested companies, bloggers and influencers of the attractiveness of its social platform. Whether high-quality product photos, narrative Instagram stories or targeted advertisements. And the success of marketing in the picture network superficially seems to be practically preprogrammed.


In fact, behind Instagram marketing, there is a lot of work that would not be possible without technical aids. In particular, in the perfecting of image and video material, which is crucial for the external presentation. The choice of suitable tools plays a crucial role. But also in the scheduling of publications and in the interaction with the target audience. To make it easier for you to find suitable apps. This article introduces some of the best Instagram apps in a short profile.

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is the perfect app for creating photo and video collages for Instagram, Facebook, and Co. The application provides users with over 200 different layout templates that can be equipped with their own multimedia files. Some of these layouts can be used free of charge, while others must first be purchased via in-app purchase. The same applies to frame or texture changes to the college, which also require the purchase of an appropriate package. Not only can the selected images be stylishly linked to compositions, but they can also be created using the built-in Photo Editor can also be edited directly. Here, the Instagram tool provides the typical tools such as effects, blur, and sharpness, a red-eye remover or cut and optimize tools.

Finished collages can be exported with one click and send it via SMS or e-mail, save it in the cloud (Dropbox) or share it on social networks. Before the article is published on Instagram and Co., you can also use the typical for the respective platform filters and effects and write review texts. iOS and Android users will find Pic Stitch available for free download on the App Store or Google Play Store. Windows users only have a paid app in the Microsoft Store available, which is relatively cheap at 1.99 €.

Hyperlapse of Instagram

Instagram itself also provides an extremely useful and powerful app for creating expressive video content: Hyperlapse transforms shots into stunning time-lapse clips that run at up to 12x speed. However, with a hidden menu (invoked by touching the screen four times with four fingers). The user can also set the video to be played up to 40 times faster than the original. The integrated image stabilization technology ensures that the video material is not blurred. That is why the use of the Instagram tool can certainly pay off when recording an ordinary clip.

The time-lapse effect is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. For example, it gives videos that look behind the scenes of companies and production sites a certain something. He proves to be just as practical in the presentation of products. From the conception through the manufacturer to the finished end product. Furthermore, the top speed videos provide an optimal opportunity to showcase a product in action shortly. The free app from Instagram is only available for iOS – with Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, however, there is an equal and also the free alternative for Android and Windows devices.


Often it makes sense to use not only the Instagram profile but also various other social media channels – after all, the resulting higher reach also promises greater marketing success. But overarching campaigns also require a great deal of effort. On the one hand, new content must be prepared in a platform- compatible way and, on the other hand, published at the appropriate time. The fitting answer to this organizational problem is provided by the Instagram tool Hootsuite. Once installed, the program serves as the management hub for all major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. So contributions can be either immediately or – by “AutoPlane” function – Share at a later time on the desired channels after you have linked the corresponding accounts with the tool.


Instagram has a scheduled content publishing feature. Because automatic postings by third-party applications. But against the guidelines violate the network. And the Instagram app will only send a message when the desired time is reached.

Hootsuite not only makes it easier to manage your own social media posts. But also has useful optimization features such as automatic link shortening. The App also tracks the reactions of users, which makes the success of individual postings even easier to measure. It is also useful to be able to display mentions of the brand or new postings to certain keywords. You get valuable information about your own standing. And at the same time has helpful input for interaction with the user base. The app for Instagram and Co., which is available for iOS and Android. And This can be used for up to three social media profiles free of charge.

With, e-commerce start-up Soldsie offers one of the best Instagram apps for sellers. The tool, which was developed specifically for the image network. And enables a significant increase in click-through and conversion rates within sales -oriented Instagram campaigns. For this purpose builds a bridge between the social media profile and the online shop. That shows potential customers the way to the products. The App link in the corporate biography turns site visitors into an automatically generated landing page. And presents a feed of the posted Instagram images or products. With just one more click, users will be taken to the shop – directly to the article being viewed.

The links to the products in the shop are set in the dashboard of the Instagram tool. It is not only possible to create a single redirect. If several items from the online shop are presented on an image. Then they can be tagged by tag (including their own link). Since also includes its own analysis tool, the app records the traffic and conversions. The collected data can then also be accessed via the dashboard. In addition, registration information can be viewed, exported, and used to expand user mail lists. The app is only available for iOS – Android and Windows users need to be familiar with the device independent Web application by content. After the free trial month, the cost of the tool depends on the absolute clicks. Up to 50 clicks on the link remain free.

WhenToGram (WhenToPost)

When you publish Instagram posts on a specific schedule, the primary goal is to get the most reach possible. However, this not only requires new content on a regular basis but also the choice of the ideal release time. However, this is often more simply said than done. Only those who continuously study and analyze the user behavior of their target users or followers. And also, know when they are active and are receptive to new content. A useful Instagram app that makes this user search a breeze is WhenToGram (formerly WhenToPost).

WhenToGram presents several different values ​​in the overview menu. On the one hand, the Instagram tool indicates the three optimum times for new postings on the current day. This is combined with a countdown to the next upcoming appointment. Second, the app creates a weekly schedule that summarizes the best times for the next seven days. If you do not want to keep an eye on the app, when is the next opportunity for a new Instagram post? So you can activate the automatic notification in the settings menu. WhenToGram informs the user 15 minutes earlier. The basic version of the program is free and available for iOS. Some Additional features – such as a dynamic graph or a chart for the top days of the week – can be added for a fee.


Everyone knows that a good photo or video is only half of the rent for social media. Finding the right words is not always easy – especially if you write a whole series of posts every day. The app Captiona developed by Nick Slater, it helps the user with copywriting.

With Captiona, users have two options for searching for and using appropriate captions for their own Instagram posts. That the search is performed in the Captiona app, and then the copy is simply pasted into the desired result. In this way, text excerpts, which could be interesting for later postings, also mark as favorites. Alternatively, the search engine can also be used directly in Instagram using the optional Captiona virtual keyboard. This can be activated if necessary in the settings menu of the app. The useful Instagram app is available exclusively for iOS and can be purchased for $ 0.99 in the App Store.

Social HashTag (Best HashTags for Instagram)

If you want to keep your posts on Instagram far away from the regular follow-up. Then the choice of hashtags plays an important role. If you choose keywords that the Instagram community is looking for frequently, it automatically achieves a higher reach. In order for these to be reflected in likes, shares, and comments, the hashtags must match the published content. One of the best Instagram apps, high-volume buzzwords simplified is Social HashTag (Best HashTags for Instagram). The application developed by Oleg Tarashkevich enables hashtag research based on the latest data. And Its trends as well as fast integration of results thanks to interfaces to the most important social media platforms .

Social HashTag not only allows you to individually search for the best tags for a specific keyword or combination of keywords, but also comes up with ready-made categories like Food, Sports, or Drinks and Desserts. There, users will find the social tags that have the greatest relevance to the respective topic. And making this area an excellent first-stop point and source of inspiration. The Instagram tool for Android devices, which can be used equally well to research for Twitter, Pinterest.

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