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Instagram Deletes 174 Million Accounts In December 2018 – Are You Affected?

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Instagram deleted 174 million Instagram accounts in December 2018. Everyone seems to be struggling with engagement. I’m giving you the reason all of these-

Accounts With Spammy Behaviour

The reason they deleted these accounts is that they were categorized as spam accounts. Instagram is really going on a purge right now. And they’re deleting a lot of accounts that suddenly are looked at as spam in there. Basically, the account that doesn’t do either new spammy behavior or accounts that don’t follow Instagrams Terms of Service.

They’re deleting these accounts obviously because they want the Instagram platform to be as authentic as possible. They want a clean platform with less spam. They called this entire operation a spam purge. So they’re clearly after deleting spam. But they also want to get an end to panels.

If you don’t know what a panel is, a panel is a place where you can buy followers. For example, if you want to increase your social group or if you just want to if you’re like at 9800 followers. And you want that 10k mark you might buy 300 200 followers to get that follower up. This is something that Instagram doesn’t like obviously buying followers, buying fake accounts or your company’s increasing. It’s not something they like.

Instagram Wants To Monetize More

So that they’re after they want to eliminate this to make the platform as authentic as possible to make the platform as clean as possible. And obviously, because Mark Zuckerberg now is in charge, they want to monetize more and everything that is monetizable. That is, for example, panels if you if I, for example, bought 10,000 followers from a panel. Instagram would make jack-shit of that money and school would make nothing and what they’re doing.

Now we’re seeing Instagram coming up with new updates changing shit all the time. Because they want a bigger piece of the pie a bigger piece of the money that’s being made on the Instagram platform. Mark Zuckerberg is now the like the Opera like I don’t even know if he’s the operation. But didn’t like the founders of Instagram left the Instagram platform. And now they’re not running the Instagram operation like anymore. Because Instagram obviously is under Facebook but the uninitialized of Instagram they’ve left and they’re not working on Instagram anymore.

So we got new people now in control and after this happened we’re seeing so much it changed already. And it all seems to be because Instagram wants a bigger piece of the pie they want to make more money off into your platform where you even see more ads on the Instagram platform itself. For example, if you go in here to go make out right now, you’re scrolling through every fifth picture. And this is a pattern I’m seeing up seem a multiple different on my friend accounts. That is only using their accounts to consume content.

They don’t have businesses on Instagram, they just use their accounts to consume content. And all these accounts it’s like every fifth post is an ad. So we’re seeing much more ads on the platform as well. Then there are tons of things changing and it all seems to be like the end goal of Instagram seems to be that they want to make a piece of the pie they want to make one more of the money. That’s been made on the second platform.

Having Fake Followers

Basically, Instagram deleting so many accounts a lot of big Instagram accounts. And you’ve probably seen this on your own accounts as well. You might have lost a couple of followers on your accounts if you have decently sized accounts. But a lot of big people on Instagram has reported that a must insane amounts of followers. For example, the rapper Akon he lost 56% of his followers just overnight like that boom when interim deleted these accounts 56% of his followers.

And if you do research on YouTube or on Google you’ll find that most of the big celebrities have insane amounts of fake followers. For example, Kylie Jenner in those numbers. I remember seeing a video of Shane Dawson. And he kind of like had this conspiracy about fake followers on celebrity news accounts. And Kylie Jenner or something they had like almost 40% fake followers. They got millions of millions of followers and this is basically what instruments after that are leading that the huge amounts of followers. And a lot of big people that have huge numbers are just suddenly losing almost all the numbers due to this update of Instagram where this person scream is going on.

Instagrams on that personal Instagram account Instagrams official Instagram account also lost something like 18 million followers themselves. The Instagram account has had over a hundred million something. But they lost 18 million followers due to this purchase. So it’s not just affecting us creators or us as influencers on the platform. But it also is affecting Instagram themselves and anyone that has basically followers on the platform anyone that has an audience on the platform.

Now Instagram has been talking about this for a long time. They’ve been talking about planning this purge and planning on deleting all these kinds of followers. We’re actually seeing it in action.

That is basically just the start of what Instagram is up to there’s tons more going on behind the scenes. It’s going to change the Instagram platform. Probably forever a lot of things are going to change our management platform.

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