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How To Use An Instagram Business Account?

By July 5, 2019 No Comments
Have you thought of converting your Instagram account into an Instagram Business account? Unlike Facebook, which requires any business or brand to create a business account, creating an Instagram Business account is an option you do not always think about. It is a shame to deprive yourself because like Facebook, you miss some very useful features.

How to switch to an Instagram Business account?

The first step is obviously to start by creating an Instagram account. To do this, choose a username (the name of your company for example), add a profile picture (your logo), add a short biography and do not forget to indicate a link (to your website, your blog …). This last element is essential because the biography is the only place to put a clickable link. Instagram posts, unfortunately, do not allow it …

Your account created, all you have to do is convert it to an Instagram business account. And for that, the only constraint is to own a Facebook Business Page that you must link to your Instagram account.

Click on the three small dots on the top right of your profile and then on ”  Switch to a business account “.

The features of your Instagram business account

Creating an Instagram Instagram account now gives you access to several features :


Essential to measure the performance of your presence, Instagram Business statistics will give you valuable information about your publications and audience.

To access it, return to your personal profile and click on the Statistics icon at the top right.

Three sections are available:

  • Activity: access a summary of the interactions made on your profile ( profile visits, click on your website, click to get directions to your address …). Below, in the Discovery section, you find the scope of your publications (the number of people who saw one of your publications) and the number of impressions (total number of times your publications were seen) on the last week.
  • Content: This section gives you access to more detailed statistics on each of your publications and stories. Besides the number of likes and comments, you especially have the opportunity to know how people have discovered you (via the homepage / your profile/hashtag used) and what actions have resulted (subscription to your profile / click on your profile / click on your website). In the same way on the stories, you will be able to see which contents are the most appealing to your community by taking a closer look at the number of drop-outs or return on them.
  • Subscribers: interesting information to note also in this last section to know where your subscribers (city and country) come from, who are they (sex and age) and when are they connected to the application (day and time) 


The promotions

Another very useful feature of Instagram Business is to create ads directly from your app!

Click the Promote button on your profile. All you have to do now is let yourself be guided and choose:

  • the publication you want to boost
  • the intended purpose (profile visits, website traffic, publication views)
  • the target you are trying to reach (similar to your subscriber base, local or determined according to criteria you determine such as age, gender, location, and interests)
  • the budget and duration



The last but not the least! You can now complete your profile information by adding:

  • phone number 
  • an e-mail address 
  • physical address 
  • call-to-action button (to be linked with other booking application eg La Fork or Yelp)

To do this, click on Edit profile then on Communication options to allow your subscribers to reach you more easily.

You are ready! New features should appear because the interface is still new so watch it closely. We are going back to take a look at our statistics to prepare our future publications

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