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How To Increase Instagram Likes And Followers With The Right Strategy?

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No matter if private or corporate account, with our strategies you get more likes and followers on Instagram.

Companies, as well as private individuals, organizations, and associations that share photos on Instagram, in many cases have the interest to generate as many followers as possible. Many followers, in turn, result in the uploaded images receiving many likes. Likes and followers are an important factor for Instagram accounts when it comes to raising your profile.


Many companies, clubs or organizations also rely on the purchase of followers. However, this approach can quickly cause problems, as it also suffers the seriousness of the Instagram account. With the right strategy, there are always rising followers, with the right pictures a steadily increasing number of likes. In general, a planned approach should help Instagram accounts succeed.

You have to think about what you want to achieve with the account, and with which pictures in which shape they want to achieve that. You should keep the once created strategy and pursue it consistently. Stick to your goal and rethink regularly what makes your brand or person unique and sets you apart from other Instagram accounts. Of course, this strategy must also include the idea of ​​what your profile’s target audience should be. After you have defined the strategy and target group, the contributions should be adjusted in this orientation.

Increase Instagram followers

In order to permanently increase your followers, it is important to fill your profile with contributions that match your strategy and that make you unique. Generally, the posts should fit together and tell a story that captivates visitors and followers.

Storytelling is an important part of a good Instagram profile. A constant change of strategy deters Follower. Make sure that your contributions are sympathetic to yourself and work with this sympathy. The selection of the profile picture plays a particularly important role here since this picture is directly associated with you and the profile.


Even if you feel like you are unique, you can be pretty sure that there are some profiles that are similar to your profile, follow a similar strategy, and target a suitable audience for you. Follow such profiles and participate in discussions. This will give you more inspiration and attract followers of your desired audience.

Some followers have a big influence (influencer) on other followers. You can tell from the number of followers who have this profile and the number of posts. If you win profiles as followers, who have many followers themselves, this increases the chance to get more followers. Be careful not to become a bad copy of successful profiles, but look for your own path. The images must fit your audience and you, without being a copy. Pay attention here too to uniqueness.

If you represent a company or an organization, you should maintain the appearance of the company and follow it up consistently. Show insights that would not be revealed without the Instagram profile without showing the wrong appearance. The contributions should be interesting, but also authentic and provide added value for followers and increase the sympathy of your profile.

Increase Instagram Likes

Less is often more. Do not flood your profile with posts. The result is that followers are quickly annoyed and make interesting contributions. More than 2-3 posts per day rarely make sense and should not be increased. But too few contributions can be counterproductive. You should at least achieve one contribution per week. The contributions should be of high quality.

Do not use blurry pictures of inferior quality. It is also important that you use your own pictures, never copies. If you use filters, then you should not change the filter constantly, but let a strategy be recognized. Of course, the filter should match your profile as well as the images themselves. Work on images with a watermark to prevent copying and enhance recognition. Creativity is especially important to establish a successful Instagram profile.

Also, be sure to generate a regular flow of posts. Also important is the time of publication. You need to know what time zones your followers live in, and when their followers are particularly active. The timing of the posts should be consistent.

The signatures and descriptions of the pictures also play a role. These should draw attention to the picture and other pictures and offer a recognition value. Work with emojis, if that fits your account. But watch out for matching emojis. Some emojis have a different meaning than what many think.

Get too few likes and slower the number of followers, rethink the strategy of the posts. Check the average between likes and the number of followers. Find out how the Likes to Followers ratio is on similar sites on the Internet. You should reach this ratio too. Regularly review which posts are most successful and follow these posts as you upload new pictures.

Of course, the pictures should fit the overall political situation and be politically correct. Look for seasons as well as the weather, current news or the political world situation.

Hashtags and sweepstakes can increase followers and likes

Hashtags and concerted campaigns can significantly increase likes and followers. Start raffles with matching hashtags, your posts reach even internet users who are not yet following your profile. With hashtags, however, the same applies: less is more. Do not work with too many and complicated hashtags.

Try to encourage your followers to like and share posts as often as possible. The best way to achieve this is with lotteries and the right price for the target group. Establish a hashtag that matches your profile and animate your followers to use this hashtag as well. In addition, your followers should mark friends in the post. This is especially interesting if the friends are not followers yet.

In general, followers should not only look at and like the posts, but interact with your profile. Your followers should feel like they are part of a community, sharing posts, commenting, tagging with hashtags, and more. An active community increases the chances of more followers. If followers contact you, you should respond as soon as possible. This ensures that the followers always feel that their opinion interests you.


Use social networks, messengers and external sources

Instagram should be linked to as many external accounts as possible. Connect your Instagram profile to Facebook and Twitter. This significantly increases the accessibility of your profile. Non-Instagram networks should be linked to your Instagram profile. Work with external links. If you use other communication media, such as websites, then links to the profile should also be listed on the website.

This also applies to e-mail signatures, blogs, and other communication media. Try to attract customers to the Instagram profile, for example, where individual offers, information or promotions are only available through Instagram. Users need to be rewarded with quality content by visiting and following their profile. Conversely, on your Instagram profile, of course, you should also link to the other communication media that you use in the company or organization. You should also refer to interesting events on Instagram and other networks, which can increase the number of participants significantly.

Buy Instagram followers?

Of course, followers can also be bought on Instagram. The benefit is that you can quickly increase the number of followers. However, most of the time you will not gain followers of your target audience who interact with you as desired, but only a certain number, which in turn can attract real followers. Even advertisements help. Ads have the advantage of generating real followers, but not in the number of purchased followers.

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