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How To Implement Hashtags In An Instagram Strategy

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Instagram and its hashtags have emerged as one of the fashions of the moment. As they say, it is the leading social network of millennials but we know on good authority that its use does not only remain in this group of users. But how should you work on Instagram? And, above all, what about the Instagram Hashtags? Are they useful for something? How are they used? In this post, we are going to talk about how to create a strategy on Instagram and how to use Instagram hashtags.


The importance of creating an Instagram strategy

Photos with filters and Instagram hashtags are the hallmarks of this social network but, the truth is that beyond this, Instagram is an ideal communication channel for companies.

According to the study, Instagram has more than 1,000 million active users in one month. In just two years it has managed to double the number of registered users, thus being the social network with the highest growth rates in recent years.

If we continue with more data, Instagram offers a user interaction 58 times higher than Facebook and 150 more than Twitter, according to a survey conducted by Forrester Research.

These are just some numbers that support the potential of this social network for companies. Therefore, more and more businesses are beginning to create a strategy to publish on Instagram and use hashtags for Instagram in order to improve their engagement with users.

Although it is a social network of photographic slope and that, currently can not redirect traffic to the web beyond the link in the biography (unless you perform paid campaigns), we must take into account that it is a communication channel and that, like all means of official communication of the company, they have to have a strategy behind them.

Think that Instagram will help you create a brand, so study in depth what you want to convey and how, and above all, the graphics side of your publications works very well.


Instagram hashtags: How do you have to use them?

Undoubtedly, hashtags are possibly one of the differentiating factors of this social network. While it is true that in other networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter hashtags are also used, no one doubts the effectiveness of these “tags” within Instagram. And that is what the hashtags are, keywords for which we want users to find us.


There are many benefits that Instagram hashtags can bring to your marketing strategy:

  • Connect with customers. Thanks to its use, it is easier for your customers to reach you.
  • Expand your audience Well-used hashtags are able to expand your audience, as it is very common on Instagram to follow hashtags or search with them to find accounts of interest. With this, you will get to reach users beyond your followers.
  • Monitor the brand. Thanks to its use you can quickly know what users think about you or see how an event that had an official hashtag has gone.
  • Learn more about your target audience. Seeing what hashtags your target audience uses will help you to know what they like most and, thus, adapt your content strategy.


As you can see, there are many benefits to using them, but how to use them correctly?

From Digital Menta we are going to give you some guidelines based on the most common doubts we have seen around the Instagram hashtags.


What number of hashtags should be used on Instagram?

That is, without a doubt, the million dollar question. There are users who do not use just hashtags, others, however, take advantage of the last space to fill them. What is correct?


You have to know that Instagram lets add 30 hashtags at most, but is it necessary to use them all? The answer depends.

  • If you are starting, the idea is to add more hashtags, as these will attract traffic to your feed.
  • As you grow, the idea is to reduce the number of hashtags used to reach between 5 and 11. With this amount would be enough to continue attracting users to your profile.


According to a Track Maven study, accounts with less than 1,000 users who used 11 average hashtags received more interaction. On the other hand, for larger accounts, 5 is the number of average hashtags that have been used by accounts with greater interaction. With this study, it is determined that the amount of hashtags to be used is not directly related to the interaction of users.


Quality instead of quantity

As in many other sites, the quality of the hashtags must prevail over the quantity. We have already mentioned the number of # average you should use in each photo, but we have not commented on the importance of changing hashtags.


Forget about making a copy and paste on all the photos, so spend some time modifying the keywords you’re going to use. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, or because users see that you work better your content strategy. If you always use the same hashtags it is possible that Instagram will detect you as a spammer, so you would lose visibility in them, that is, users who click on that hashtag would not see your post. This is known as Shadow Ban.


Hashtags in the text itself or in the comments?

Another key issue is where to locate them, whether within the text itself or in the first comment. If you take a quick look at your Instagram, you’ll see a little bit of everything. The truth is that there is no written rule about this. Before it was said that it was better to place the hashtags in the first comment now, on the contrary, recent studies say that the impact is greater if the hashtags are integrated into the text.


Good practices in the use of hashtags on Instagram

Having clear what amount to publish and where to locate them, we must continue investigating in this subject, for which we are going to comment on several good practices that will surely be of great interest to you.

  • Think that the hashtags mark themes, so these have to be closely linked with your activity and with the photo you have uploaded. Avoid generic hashtags if they do not represent what you do, not only will you not reach more users, but it also gives a bad image.
  • Use hashtags with different popularity levels. The idea is to use some very popular related to the brand, such as 2-3, and complement them with others that are not as popular but more specific. If we extrapolate it to SEO, it would be like using a keyword and then several long tails.
  • Generic percentage vs own percentage. It is clear that since you have worked on your strategy, all of your Instagram will have cohesion. Well, you can use this argument line in hashtags too. As a general rule, 40% of them have to talk and define your business as well as your niche market, while the remaining 60% may be specific to the image you just published.


How to search for the best hashtags for Instagram?

It’s fine to pull imagination, but ideally, back it up with data (as always). You know your business better than anyone and you know what to put in, but do you know how users seek it? Do you know which hashtags are the most used at the moment? Faced with this question we have two ways to search for hashtags, one in a native way in the application itself and the second, using external applications.


Let’s start with internal solutions.

  • The first is to go to the Instagram search section, you can quickly identify it since its symbol is a magnifying glass. In it you can add the hashtags you want to use and Instagram will suggest the most popular related hashtags, so you can make a good composition of keywords to use in your publications.
  • Another option is to see which hashtags the competition uses, both the main one and the related ones. So, by monitoring the competition, you can see if those hashtags really work or not.


But if it’s not enough, you can help from external applications:

  • Display purposes. It is a free tool and its use is very simple. You just have to add the main hashtags and the tool tells you several related hashtags that will help you get more recognition. It tells you relevance and popularity within Instagram, so you can catch the best hashtags.
  • Tags for likes. The tool that helps you find the most popular hashtags for certain topics. It works mostly for accounts that publish in English because it only gives us words in English. You may not publish in English, but it is good to see the hashtags in other languages, as they can also help you to capture the attention of your target audience.


Ideally, you should use these tools and get a good list of hashtags related to your business, so you can be included little by little each time you publish the content on Instagram. We hope it has helped you!

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