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5 Keys To Why Instagram Will Be The Main Platform In Digital Marketing

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Instagram is winning the battle against other social networks in digital marketing. In 2019, an estimated 92 billion dollars will be allocated to social media in digital advertising. The photo and video app already exceed one billion users.

It is no secret that the world is turning more and more to the digital environment, year after year we see how the investment in digital marketing increases, and if we had to propose a platform that should not be missing in your plan or strategy, that would have to be Instagram

Why? Let’s start looking at figures on investment in digital advertising; Projections published in Statista indicate that at the end of this year they will amount to more than 311 thousand 398 million dollars, of which, more than 92 billion will be allocated to social media, it is the second-largest investment item, only behind search advertising with more than 104 billion.


Facebook’s throne is in danger

And, it is that for months it has been talking about how Instagram is the jewel of the crown of Facebook for two main reasons. The first is that the social network co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg is stagnating in growth, it is hard for him to add new subscribers, something that is aggravated by the loss of interest of younger generations such as Millennials and Z.

The second is related to the fact that precisely these population groups are more daring by the app of photos and videos that already exceeded one billion and, does not show signs of slowing down the sum of new users.

This is reflected in the effectiveness of Instagram in marketing matters; in this social network more than 4 billion Likes are registered per day; In fact, each published image receives an average of 23 percent more engagement than on Facebook.

You have the little talk that this platform will be the new queen in digital marketing this 2019. Here are some trends of why:

The video will surpass the photos

Yes, its origin is the photos but over time its functions and new tools that stimulate the production of video content has increased considerably. According to a Pew Internet study, 95 percent of Instagram users also use YouTube, which suggests a link between what users of these two platforms.

Stories, the honey of Instagram

The thesis is reinforced that as the social network stimulated the video, it has become the main protagonist and the Stories are the maximum expression; There are already more than 400 million accounts used daily, according to Instagram. This format is very attractive for brands and advertising.

Ideal for marketing

In addition to the data we mentioned regarding engagement on Instagram, the fact that 80 percent of its users are outside the United States, makes it a global platform enhancing the audience reach with each of the brand publications.

In this regard, Anton Eliasson of Business 2 Community points out that it is important that firms emphasize visual content and, more importantly, that they focus on consumer needs, not location.

Facebook attention

As we have mentioned on several occasions, the photo and video app does not stop growing and becoming attractive to brands, something that also attracts advertisers, according to eMarketer data, Instagram advertising revenue can be around 11 billion dollars this year, according to research, largely for many of the new features and tools like Stories; Live video, Geostickers and Face filters.

Influence yes, but how about the catalogs

There is much talk about the effectiveness of influencer marketing on Instagram, but it is not the only thing, in fact, the social network is creating an ideal ecosystem for e-commerce and one of the elements that are highlighting the most is the possibility of publishing style content catalogs, one that is able to capture user attention for longer. And, if this factor is combined with a shopping button, the circle closes to stimulate sales from the platform.

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