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14 Great Apps To Boost Your Instagram Posts

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You are a carpenter commissioned to make a table. You have spent weeks working on the design, buying wood, measuring cuts and shaping the table. You realize then that the sanding will take too much time, and so decide to skip this step, thinking that your customer will not realize it: FALSE!

There is a huge difference between an unfinished table and a piece of furniture that has been thoroughly polished … You can see where we are going with this analogy? On Instagram, a raw image and a publication thought to the smallest detail will have absolutely no impact.

Even if a picture is better than a long speech, a picture posted on Instagram will not have more impact on your audience than a vacuum cleaner notice. Whether you are a carpenter, writer or banker, it is always good to give your work that little extra that will make all the difference. For example, editing or adding a filter to a photo on Instagram can increase page views by 21 % and comments and engagement by 45 %. In the past, tweaking your work would have cost you thousands of dollars in equipment and hours of work. But that was before. Today, you can take advantage of the following applications to give a new dimension to your content on Instagram, for less than € 3!

The best apps for Instagram

1. VSCO Cam

Free on iOS

Free on Android

This app is a must for many photographers and creative on social networks. VSCO Cam is a minimalist and easy-to-use editing software that not only allows you to take pictures with a quality built-in camera (and change the focus, brightness, and clarity as you like) but also to magnify your masterpieces with editing tools and filters. Like the Instagram application, you can choose the intensity of your filter: it’s up to you to see if you want a little pronounced effect or a more marked and showy production.


Free on iOS

If your content on Instagram seems outdated, it might be time to try something new. Why not add one or two custom GIFs to your content calendar? They have been on the rise again for a few years, so you can be sure that they will produce their little effect! By integrating GIFs into your strategy, you can increase your conversion rate by 103% and your total revenue by 109%. It would be stupid to miss this trend. Creating a GIF from scratch can seem difficult at first, but it becomes child’s play with DSCO (by VSCO). With this app, you can easily make, edit and share your own GIFs on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook.

3. Afterlight

$ 1.39 on iOS

$ 0.99 on Android

Offering 74 filters, 78 natural textures, 128 frames, and endless editing possibilities, Afterlight is the app of choice for many social media managers. According to Andrew Kunesh of iDownloadBlog, Afterlight is ”  one of the best apps on the App Store, especially for photography. It can take great shots and offers many more filters, frames, effects and editing options than its competitors. “

4. Priime

Free on iOS

Priime is one of my favorite apps, it has filters that have been created and tested by great photographers. My photos are generally much more successful when I edit them on Priime. I strongly advise you to buy the additional filters available in the application, you will not regret it! Priime is also distinguished from other photomontage applications by the built-in filter recommendation. It quickly helps you choose a filter style based on the subject, color palette, exposure, and other settings.

5. Pic Collage

Free on iOS

Free on Android

Nothing like a college to tell a story on Instagram using multiple photos. To create one very easily, join the 100 million Pic Collage users around the world. This app allows you to create a square or portrait collage, and decorate it with more than 1,500 stickers, 80 wallpapers and 60 models to tell your story in a new way.

6. Slow Shutter Cam

$ 2.79 on iOS

Being able to take a picture by touching a screen is pretty cool, but I miss some of the features of the classic SLRs. For my enjoyment, the Slow Shutter Cam app brings back to life the yarn effect, which is to capture the movement of a subject. The application offers three modes (motion blur, streaks of light and low light) to allow you to take unique pictures that the lens of your smartphone could never have taken alone.

Alternative for Android: Camera FV-5 Lite

7. A Color Story

Free on iOS

Named best new app by the giant Apple, A Color Story offers more than 100 filters, 40 dynamic effects, and more than 20 tools. The app also lets you save custom filters from old edit settings. Vibrant and vivid color photos are still fashionable, so A Color Story filters favor “vibrant whites, bright colors and clean adjustments”. If you edit your photo using this app, use the hashtag #acolorstory and you may be featured in their beautiful newsfeed.

8. Candy font

Free on iOS

Free on Windows

As a social media manager, you may have already wanted to put a message on Instagram that did not fit into a single photo. This is where the text appositions come into play. The first app to offer this feature, Font Candy is a natural leader in the genre. With this application, you can add captions and text to your photos and choose from different symbols, fonts, and colors.

Alternative on Android: Font Studio

9. A Beautiful Mess

$ 0.99 on the iTunes Store

$ 1.04 on the Google Play Store

A favorite application for many bloggers fashion, deco and lifestyle, A Beautiful Mess will give your photos that little something extra that will make them stand out in any thread news. This app allows you to add custom fonts and filters, as well as hand-drawn designs by yourself, or chosen by the creators of the award-winning A Beautiful Mess blog.

10. Cinefy

Free on iOS

Video is increasingly used by digital marketing pros, so make sure the ones you share on Instagram are at the top. With Cinefy, you can edit your video clips, add sound, music and apply special effects. Finally, if you are lacking in inspiration, go to their website to discover in the video the many possibilities offered by the app!

Alternative on Android: Magisto Video Editor and Maker

11. Hyperlapse

Free on iOS

Offered by Instagram in person, the Hyperlapse app is a great tool for creating fast-paced professional videos. Not only does the app stabilize your shaky videos, but it can also increase their speed (up to 12 times faster). If your company has recently organized an event, it’s a good way to condense the highlights on Instagram. If you’d like to see what you can do with Hyperlapse, Instagram recently shared a video that shows the stabilization feature.

Alternative on Android: Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

12. Video Editor Clips

Free on iOS

Clips Video Editor is recognized as the simplest video editing application in the world. However, it does not lack power! With this tool, you can add music and fades, speed up or slow down your videos, insert text and voiceover, split clips, or edit your videos to export them in square or landscape format and share them. on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger or SMS.

13. Fused

Free on iOS

Free on Windows

You may think that all the ideas have already been exploited on Instagram? The Fusion app allows you to express the full extent of your creativity to offer more than just photos or video clips to your audience. As the name implies, this tool allows you to merge photos and videos to create unique visuals to share on your Instagram profile. You can choose from different blending modes, use a wide color palette, and use images from the app’s collection of artists to pair them with your own images.

Alternative for Android: Image Blender Fusion Free


$ 1.99 on iOS

$ 1.20 on Android

Generally considered the “best companion for high-end smartphone photography”, the SKRWT app offers a wide range of features that make it a must for many professionals. If you have ever had a perspective that is not framed in a photo or the horizon is not right, a swipe in the SKRWT app will solve the problem! This application has the power to reveal in an instant the beauty of photos that you thought unusable. In addition to this feature worthwhile, SKRWT also offers a lens correction tool (for photos taken with a smartphone, a wide-angle adapter, a SLR or a GoPro), an EXIF ​​file reader (to see all info on your photos in the blink of an eye),

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