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12 Steps To Get On The Instagram Explore Page In 2019

By March 2, 2019 No Comments

In this article, you will get 12 tips on how you can hit the Instagram Explore Page and grow thousands of followers per day.

The explore page is customized to every user based on the people the user follows and the content the user engages with. The key to growing fast on the explore page is to be on the explore page of as many users as possible. But how do you do this? I’ll give you 12 tips to significantly increase your chances of hitting the explore page and going viral on Instagram.

1. Stick To Your Niche


Maybe you’ve already noticed that the content that you see on your Explore page is similar to the content that you regularly engage with, or is somewhat related to the people who you follow. Instagram knows what content people like to see. And their algorithm tries to show them as much of it as possible to keep them on the platform. For example, people who are into travel will see a lot of travel content on their explore page. In order for Instagram’s algorithm to know whose explore the page to put your post on. It needs to know what niche your posts are related to. You can help Instagram to do that by always sticking to the same niche.

When you have a killer post-Instagram will know exactly who to show it to. Another reason why you should stick to the same niche is that you need consistent engagement from your followers to keep growing. When you post something about travel one day in the next day about cars, You won’t be able to get a good amount of engagement from your followers

2. Only Post Good Quality Content

Now, this seems like a no-brainer, but I still see many people wanting to grow but still try to get away with low-quality content. You can do everything right and use all the tricks in the book if your content sucks, You’re not going to reach the explore page and you will not grow Instagram. Don’t think you can outsmart the Instagram algorithm and get away with low-quality content. If you stop posting good content. The algorithm will notice and limit your reach significantly. Keep Instagrams trust by only posting good content.

3. Do What Works In Your Niche

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. I’m sure that you know some good and quickly growing accounts in your niche. Go through their profile and see what content gets the most engagement. That’s what users like to see and therefore that’s what will get you engagement and lets your account grow. For influencers, I always recommend creating their own content weather themselves are the main subject of their posts. For brands, however, it might be difficult and very expensive to consistently create high-quality content. What you can do is repost the best content of other accounts in your niche. It’s kind of an unwritten rule on Instagram that you can repost as long as you give the owner credit by tagging them.

4. Go For Real Engagement

Like I’ve already mentioned, engagement is very important. Instagram never shows a new post to all of your followers in the beginning. They want to test it first with a small number of users. This first group that sees your post are mainly users who are already following you. How many of these users engage with your post is absolutely critical. If many engage with it, the post will also be shown to more of your own followers and maybe even to new followers on the explore page and in hashtags.

Something interesting that I’ve noticed is that Instagram likes to show posts with a lot of likes and comments only to your own followers. However, when you get a lot of likes comments and a lot of saves. Then Instagram will show your post to users who aren’t following you yet, leading to many new followers. Saves, therefore, all very important. Think about what content users will want to save and create content like that.

5. Trigger Emotions

This can be a tough one, especially if you post your own original content, and you’re not just reposting other people’s posts. But as it really does work. Posting emotional content can really increase the chances of hitting the explore page and going viral.

6. Make Users Spend Time With Your Posts

Instagram rates your post by how much engagement it gets and determines based on that how much reach it will give that post. But it’s not only the likes comments saves and shares that count. Instagram also tracks other smaller things, like how long users look at a single post or if they zoom in a couple of times. Posting, for example, confusing images or videos that you have to watch a couple of times to figure out, can really help you get on an explore page. I also recommend using gallery posts where users can swipe left to see more pics or videos. It makes users spend more time with your post

7. Use Relevant Hashtags

You’ve probably already heard this before that you should use relevant hashtags. It’s true and it makes sense, people searching for the hashtag #supercar are not going to like a dog photo. In order to get engagement from hashtags, make sure that they actually are related to your post. Also, don’t be afraid of using all 30 hashtags that you have available. The rumor that Instagram penalizes your account for posting too many hashtags is not true. I also recommend posting your hashtags in the first comment section because it just looks cleaner.

8. Use Popular Geotags

When you take a picture or video at a very popular place, like for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Then make sure you use the appropriate geotag. Doing it will just increase your reach giving more users the chance to engage with your post. More engagement means you have a higher chance of reaching the explore page.

9. Use A Call To Action

Give people an extra reason to like, comment, tag friends and save your post. This again will boost your engagement giving you a higher chance to end up on the explore page.

10. Use Stories To Boost Your Engagement.

This is another way to increase the initial engagement on your post. Instagram does not show your new post to all your followers yet. But they might show them that you have a new story. Use that story to let people know that you have just posted and let them know why they need to go check it out and engage with it.

Don’t reveal the entire post in your story though. Because if you do, your followers don’t have a reason anymore to go to your profile and check out your actual feed post.

11. Post When Most Of Your Followers Are Active.

If you have a business profile, It’s easy to check when most of your followers are active. If you don’t have a business profile then Google “best times to post on Instagram” and you’ll find many articles telling you when the best times are for each day.

12. Engage Back

The more you grow on Instagram the more comments and likes you will receive. People love to engage with users who actually engage back with them. Answering comments and returning some likes definitely helps to keep your engagement up.

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